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    FileMaker Cloud Server Updates


      For updates on version 15, and new versions in the future, will they automatically be applied or do we have complete control of the timing?  I have clients with strict version control and testing requirements before putting software into actual production.


      The knowledgebase article "Comparing FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server" states "Monitoring, OS updates and software patches are automatic", and this concerns me



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          as far as it looks - the clients will be updated within application - the server FM Cloud will be offered from the admin console within your AWS dashboard.


          I already applied 2 updates there when it suggested it - not FMS but some other stuff it asked if I want to stop and update .. i think Java ..

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            Based on your response it appears that we can prevent new FM Cloud Software versions from being applied to our AWS instance until we have tested the new versions.  Ofcouse, testing requires another AWS instance which will add cost, but a free 15 day trial and hourly billing may offset the extent of the added cost.