positivey Mac Updater problems

Discussion created by positivey on Oct 1, 2016
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Why is the updater not available as a download - I have multiple copies to update and using the app based updater is annoying and downloading every time instead of once only - server update is available as a download!


Not available in Pro and UC:

Pro and UC do not give the option to update - greyed out in the menu


Can't handle multiple installs on the one computer:

I have Pro, UC and Advanced installed on the one Mac for testing purposes.

I ran the update request from Advanced and it successfully updated (restarted and checked version), but it did not update Pro and UC.

From Advanced I selected Check for Updates again - it indicated the need to update again - screen grab attached (presumably because the other copies are not updated).  I allowed it to update.  It has damaged Advanced and so will now not run, and Pro and UC have still not been updated.  So I'll have to install Advanced again and do the update again - annoying and not up to the usual FM standard!