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    FileMaker Cloud - Admin Console Sign In Problem

      I set up FileMaker Cloud yesterday and everything seemed to be working great. Later in the evening I tried logging into the Admin Console from my phone. It got stuck on "Processing" after clicking sign in.


      I can still access my database file via WebDirect, but the file does not appear when trying to open it remotely in FMP or FMG. Everything worked previously and I did not make any changes


      Got back to my laptop and tried logging in from a real computer, and now it doesn't recognize my login credentials. To fix that problem, I tried to reset my password, and it told me "error encountered. please try again later."


      I will, but didn't expect to be having such basic problems with the service so soon. Any ideas?

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          I figured it out.


          The wrong address got set as both my FileMaker Cloud Admin Console bookmark, and my browser auto-fill address, when manually trying to type it in.


          The incorrect address brought up a perfectly normal looking Admin Console screen, except it would never accept my accurate login credentials.


          I trimmed off all of the extra stuff at the end of the address for my bookmark, and it works as expected now.