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    Value Lists with more then one in a portal


      Good afternoon all,


        Well my quest is still on going to get my head wrapped around v-lists.  I have watched loads of videos on how to do them and i understand how to get one of them working with conditions.  Below is sample chart of my products table.


      BCDsBack InflateLiteHawk w/BPI123456756.00
      BCDsFull InflateGlideX w/Air24567987780.00
      Regulators1st StageMk151221345360.00
      Regulators2nd StageG55011225544500.00
      RegulatorsAir2 5th Gen44557788160.00
      Regulators1st StageMK1811447788360.00


      I have my first list working





      But now i cant get my second table working





      Heres a copy of my file.


      I think there is a simple way to do this just not sure how.  Thank you in advance to those who can help me.