Webdirect global text fields disappearing content?

Discussion created by PaulKneipp on Oct 3, 2016
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I have an online marking rubric which looks like a form and consists of a series of text fields - one is a checkbox using a yes/no value list and one is a piece of text which displays the rubric criteria. I first tried typing the text onto the layout, but found that it rendered very inconsistently in Webdirect and looked awful. So I made another layout and pasted all the text into the 20 or so seperate Global fields, which I then displayed on the marking layout and locked these fields for editing. One or two of the text fields keep disappearing. The text simply vanishes - and yet the form is not yet in use. I look on the marking page and there's a blank box. So I go to the other layout and sure enough - it's empty. I fill it back in and it will vanish overnight. I have pulled down the database and uploaded it again; made new fields _1, turned the global storage off then on - it makes no difference.


The server is running FMS14. I'm using FMA15. Why is this happening? I need to open the form this week and I've never seen this behaviour. If you can suggest what else I can try, I'd much appreciate it. The attachment shows the form - all the fields are there now. Tomorrow, there will be a blank . . .