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    Webdirect global text fields disappearing content?


      I have an online marking rubric which looks like a form and consists of a series of text fields - one is a checkbox using a yes/no value list and one is a piece of text which displays the rubric criteria. I first tried typing the text onto the layout, but found that it rendered very inconsistently in Webdirect and looked awful. So I made another layout and pasted all the text into the 20 or so seperate Global fields, which I then displayed on the marking layout and locked these fields for editing. One or two of the text fields keep disappearing. The text simply vanishes - and yet the form is not yet in use. I look on the marking page and there's a blank box. So I go to the other layout and sure enough - it's empty. I fill it back in and it will vanish overnight. I have pulled down the database and uploaded it again; made new fields _1, turned the global storage off then on - it makes no difference.


      The server is running FMS14. I'm using FMA15. Why is this happening? I need to open the form this week and I've never seen this behaviour. If you can suggest what else I can try, I'd much appreciate it. The attachment shows the form - all the fields are there now. Tomorrow, there will be a blank . . .

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          Standard behavior for a global field hosted from a server is that changes made to a global field from a client do not make a change that persists after you close the file on the client machine.


          That would seem consistent with what you report here.

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            Thanks for that. It's kind of odd though - does this mean you cannot set global fields on a hosted file? I did "un-host" the file; made sure everything was working and then hosted it - the field disappeared anyway. There is no need to change these fields - they are static texts. If they looked any good on Windows Edge as rendered text, I would not have resorted to using a global field to display them.

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              To repeat from my last post, the changes don't persist when made from a CLIENT. That's not the case if you are taking the file down off the server and making the changes while the file is opened as a local file.


              If that's what you are doing, some other factor is at work here. If you use filemaker as your client to open the file while it's hosted on your server, do you see the same thing? This is a test that will differentiate between server issues and webdirect issues.


              Two other observations.


              Whether you put text on a layout as layout text or data in a field, I would expect it to display the same so I am surprised to read otherwise here.


              There are two commonly used methods for making data globally accessible and yet still be able to update the values without having to take the file down off the server. Both start by storing the data in non-global fields. Then: 1) A script set to run "OnFirstWindowOpen" in file options sets a corresponding set of global fields to the values stored in the non-global fields, or 2) Cartesian join relationships are used to link occurrences of this single record table to any table occurrences used as the basis for a layout where you need to show this data.

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                philmodjunk is right with what he is saying about resetting the default value of global fields.  It cannot happen on a hosted file.  Global fields remember the last value entered into them when they were opened locally.  I would recomend changing these fields to calculated fields with the value that you want to display.  No more resources are used. 

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                  Thanks, I understand that now. The odd thing is that I pulled it down and fixed it. I will do that again, just to confirm there is nothing flaky going on. I've also had checkbox fields become locked in this file. I am redesigning the form to include all these suggestions, but it won't be ready for this round.