Stock re-order level and movement

Discussion created by Kishan_Canoo on Oct 2, 2016
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I have a stock module with two fields one Stock Re-order level and one Item Movement. Based on the item sold i want the item movement to be changed automatically for example: ‘Item Movement’ (e.g. Best-seller, Fast, slow etc.) should be based on conditional  formula per product item and linked to 'Stock re-order level’. For example, if product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in less than one month, it is categorised as ‘Best Seller'’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in 2 months, it is categorised as ‘Fast’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ after more than 2 months, it is deemed ‘slow’. Is there any possibility to automate the process?