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    Stock re-order level and movement


      I have a stock module with two fields one Stock Re-order level and one Item Movement. Based on the item sold i want the item movement to be changed automatically for example: ‘Item Movement’ (e.g. Best-seller, Fast, slow etc.) should be based on conditional  formula per product item and linked to 'Stock re-order level’. For example, if product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in less than one month, it is categorised as ‘Best Seller'’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ in 2 months, it is categorised as ‘Fast’. If Product A reaches ‘Stock re-order level’ after more than 2 months, it is deemed ‘slow’. Is there any possibility to automate the process?

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          David Moyer


          the answer is yes.  But it won't be super-simple.  You need a calculation or a script that implements your spoken example above.  It's just a matter of coding your logic.  In order to do that, you will probably need some summary fields that you'll evaluate.

          Just about anything you can do manually in FM can be done via a script or function or custom function.

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            Johan Hedman

            If you use FileMaker Pro Advanced you can create your own formula for a function that does all the things that you want. If you dont have that, like David M wrote you need to create a quite complicated formula inside a new calculated field, or most probably several fields.


            If you need help figuring all that out I recommend you to contact one of the FileMaker Platinum Partners with FileMaker 15 Certified Developers. They know what they are talking about and can help through the progress

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              Notice that you have received two very general responses. There's not much more that can be offered unless you describe how your inventory system works. Some systems generate a new record each time items are added to or removed from inventory and items can be removed from inventory for reasons other than orders (shrinkage) and this might further affect whether an item falls into a particular movement category.


              But does your system log each inventory change like that or use a different method?