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Using discrete information in a join table in a portal.

Question asked by glenmac45 on Oct 3, 2016
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I have no idea how to get discrete information in a join table into a portal.  E.g.,I have people and I have positions, so I use a join table to connect them, so I can have Fred as Chairman for a period and Treasurer for another period.  Those periods are quite specific to Fred, so I put a number field for the year in the join table and have that field appear in a portal in Fred's file (and by implication I could have similar information in the Chairman & Treasurer file).  That works for Fred being Chairman, but exactly the same date appears for Fred being Treasurer, and every other post he holds.  The information is not being specific for the actual post held.  The Join Table is showing a different figure in each case, and I can set up a table to show all the Join table information, but I really want a quick reference on Fred's file. I'm sure there must be a simple cure for this, if someone could politely point me in the right direction. Thanks.?