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We have had an issue with our ODBC program causing our server to crash. We use an ODBC program to gain access to another agency's SQL server data. I have contacted the ODBC company for assistance but they have not been able to correct the issue. Does anyone know of a work around that we can use so that we can have access to that data again? The owner had mentioned to change the setup to perform a script on the server instead of how it is built right now. We are still on Filemaker Server 14 at the moment. We connect to another agency through a website in a web portal. The end of the website includes fields in which is copied over from the SQL database through the ODBC connection that allows us to store the IP/ login info to access such information. Can anyone give me any information to find a work around? Thanks in advance!


For example the website would be:

The FileMakerUsernameField is a field that is copied over from the SQL database from the other agency and stored.