Automated processes from document information

Discussion created by adrob13 on Oct 3, 2016
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Hello FileMaker community!


Okay first off, please go easy on me, I'm new at this!


My company currently uses FileMaker to track purchase orders that we process. We are a brokerage and need to track PO totals to determine our commissions. Our current app is pretty bland-- basically a glorified spreadsheet -- and all PO info is entered manually.


I'm in the process of making a new app and now my boss tells me that he wants everything to be automated. Basically, he wants to be able to put the PDF purchase orders (they come either through email or through fax) into a container field in FileMaker and then have the app extract the data, either through OCR text recognition or metadata,  and put the item totals information into a field on the item page. I know there's software out there that can automate processes based on text recognition, but this still seems pretty advanced to me. Is this possible to do on FileMaker maybe via a plugin? If it is possible, can someone with limited coding knowledge do it?


Thanks for any help!