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Inno Setup for Runtime

Question asked by tays01s on Oct 4, 2016

I'm trying out Inno Setup to install Kiosk-mode RunTimes on 32-/64-bit PCs. On the first attempt, setup works fine to the point of opening the RT. At that stage a User has to request or activate a license through a script. For both, the Runtime stopped working. I then re-tested an RT as a 'raw' file, ie. without Inno Setup. It worked perfectly. I then re-tested the 'boot Desktop icon' created by Inno. This time it too worked perfectly.


Obviously ordinary users are going to be annoyed and confused by the initial problem. I realise you can't see my 'Request license/ License activation' scripts (confidential) but they both just export user info to an FM file within a Desktop folder. And, even during the problem, they successfully did this, but then the RT stopped working.