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    My relationship is over with my wife if I cant solve this really simple relationship!! Please help


      Please help, my wife keeps on giving me this dirty look! I told her this was really easy and would take just 2 minutes!!

      I have a simple table -

      Name ID


      Club Name


      The named person has 10 rounds, so I created a drop down field, round 1 - round 10

      In each round they can score points, round 1, 12 points, round 2, 15 etc


      Thats fine but as soon as I go to a different round, the points are the  same points as the first one!


      Im getting my self in a mess with the relationships between the tables, please help.


      Would you have a table for the competitors details and then a table for the 10 different rounds?


      Any help would be gratefully received.


      Thanks all