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My relationship is over with my wife if I cant solve this really simple relationship!! Please help

Question asked by JonHodge on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by CarlSchwarz

Please help, my wife keeps on giving me this dirty look! I told her this was really easy and would take just 2 minutes!!

I have a simple table -

Name ID


Club Name


The named person has 10 rounds, so I created a drop down field, round 1 - round 10

In each round they can score points, round 1, 12 points, round 2, 15 etc


Thats fine but as soon as I go to a different round, the points are the  same points as the first one!


Im getting my self in a mess with the relationships between the tables, please help.


Would you have a table for the competitors details and then a table for the 10 different rounds?


Any help would be gratefully received.


Thanks all