Drag and Drop Control Issue

Discussion created by jsciarra on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by TSGal

Currently drag and drop functionality is controlled at the application level and today I discovered a scenario which I had never considered but which could be very problematic in certain circumstances. And I'm almost a hundred percent certain that an end user actually did this.


If you have a field that is used as a flag, numeric either 1 or 0/Empty, to mark records in a portal for counting as an example you can drag and drop data into that field even when that find is defined to be a checkbox, radio button or pop up menu. (!?!?!!?)


An error was reported in one of our systems that suggested that the count was off of attendees at an event. This count was derived from flags on portal records. The number was so off that it was glaring. In the back end table, one of the records had a date in it. I couldn't conceive of how this got there and then thought of drag and drop and sure enough I was able to do exactly what the scenario suggested.


I think it would prudent/helpful/important that a control is added to the inspector that allowed us to turn off drag and drop for these types of input fields. This makes a certain amount of sense as these input tools are basically used as a means of constraint inout anyway. Why have a spurious method available. Especially one that in the wrong circumstance could be devastating.


To save  the bother of reproducing this I've attached the simplest of demos.