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FMGO script issues in iOS10.0.2?

Question asked by mrb13676 on Oct 4, 2016

I am having an issue with my (Filemaker 14) db which is deployed via a FM14 server onto FMGo 15.0.2

specifically -

  • Some scripts don't work (especially on the fly lookups using portals)
  • Search script doesn't work
  • I capture patient labels using the camera on the ipad Pro and they go into container fields - since update to iOS10 despite careful focus when I capture the image it immediately blurs - looks like it defaults down to lowest possible res - this may be a script issue since the image size is controlled by a script....


Has anyone else had similar issues? This solution was working perfectly until i upgraded to iOS10 from ios9 (which i delayed until FM confirmed compatibility of FMGo with iOS10.....

Somewhat annoying...