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    Disconnecting users timeout


      Hi there


      I would like to be able to disconnect users after a period of inactivity on a particular layout.  I have a menu layout which users sometimes sit on which can cause issues.


      I am aware of the Disconnect user from Filemaker server when idle option, but this seems to be for all areas. 


      Is there a way that anybody knows how to make this more layout specific?



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          What issues are caused by sitting on a layout? Disconnecting a user is kind of drastic; there may be another way to address it.

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            Im using a type ahead set up which filters a portal showing a list of customers.  You type in field A, the portal narrows the list down based on what you enter.


            However, if somebody is sat on the menu layout, nobody else can type in field A because 'Username is editing this right now - send message?' pops up

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              Is field A a global field? (It should be.)


              To avoid record lock issues, your menu table (single record, presumably) should have no non-global fields in it. Then the record doesn't lock and you won't see that error.


              The other option is to create a Sessions table, where each user gets his own Menu record and uses only it. Again, the record lock is the issue, and kicking users out of the database is more radical than necessary.

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                I have a global text field here and I see where you are coming from (one user, one global field only for them) so based on that I'd not expect to get this issue.


                There are some fields on the menu table which help govern the type ahead and subsequent portal filter - these are calculations and not global, just normal unstored calcs.


                I've not used sessions tables previously, is this something that's hard to set up?

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                  If the table has any non-global fields in it, and you’re editing any related records (for example, through a portal or directly), then the parent record will lock. You don’t need one global field per user; you just need to make sure you don’t have any non-global fields in the parent table.


                  A Sessions table is not particularly difficult to set up. You just have 1 record per user (typically by account name), and some scripting to find that record, or create it if it doesn’t exist. The user never sees any difference.

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                    Thanks for that Mike, I have a couple of ways I can approach this now.

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