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How to insert from URL a local text file in WebDirect?

Question asked by rock5studios on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by rock5studios

I am new to FM and have used the "insert from URL" to get the file contents of a local text file and insert it into a field.  It works perfect in FMP

When I try it with webdirect, i get an error "External data source could not be opened (Not Found)

Insert from URL [Select; No dialog; EwpList::filecontents; "file:///" & $filepath; Do not automatically encode URL]

What would be the way to do this? If i Insert the file into a container, I don't see a way to read the text,

I have to get all of the text of the file into 1 field, and need to allow the user to pick a specific file, not folder

I would appreciate any suggestions - thanks.