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Additional Login Required after Windows 10 Update

Question asked by RobPinhood on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by PowerSlave

I have about a dozen users who are now all being required to enter username and passwords following the Windows 10 update issued last week.  (9/27/16)  We run FMServer 12 and FMPro 12 on an all-windows network.  I have one machine with FMPro Adv 12, and it has the same problem.  We also have two old XP machines, which do NOT have this problem.  I believe the cause is the Windows 10 update from 9/27/16 - more specifically the firewall changes in that update.  Firewall changes in that update also broke our RDP ability until firewall changes were entered.  We have been running this configuration for about 3 years with FMS external authentication for all users passing from Windows to FM with no additional login required.  Suddenly last week, everyone is required to re-enter passwords whenever opening secured FM files.  Has anyone else run into this problem, and has anyone found a solution or work around?