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    PDFs will not print no error


      PDFs created in W10 1607 with 14.0.6 or 15.0.2 will not print on any of our Windows machines to any of our printers and yields no printing error. The same PDFs can be opened on a Mac and printed. If I roll back to 14.0.5 the PDF will print in W10 without issue. I have attached a working and non-working PDF. We are a windows heavy operation so this is a pretty big deal for us. I have seen a few similar threads on here but no actual solutions so I am hoping I missed something!

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          Thank you for your post.


          Does this issue occur for all files or just this one file?  That is, create a new file with one text field.  Create a new record, enter data into the text field, and save to PDF.  Are you able to open and print the PDF?


          What version of Adobe Reader are you using?


          For testing purposes, after opening the file in Adobe Reader, save it under a new file name, quit Adobe Reader, and launch Adobe Reader opening the new PDF file and see if that prints.



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            Actually you will probably see some kind of spooler error in your windows logs.


            We are suffering the same thing which is preventing us from upgrading to FM 15.  Adobe Distiller rebuilds the PDF produced by FM 15 and it can then print.   So Distiller is repairing something.   FM is now using a proprietary PDF generator but they haven't found out the cause for why the new PDF format is giving some print drivers a hard time to print.