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Calc vs Scripts vs Tables

Question asked by HortGroup on Oct 4, 2016
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I am beginning the process of building a file for landscape estimating. We are a middle man, so our client would pay us $100 for a service, and we would pay our sub-contractor $90, as an example. I will need to estimate essentially every kind of landscaping job possible. For each type of job (Mowing, Tree Pruning, etc...) there will need to be a minimum of 5 fields: Contractor Hourly Rate, Man Hours, Contractor Total, Client Total, and a site factor, such as Square Feet of lawn, or Number of trees.


My questions (pros I could think of are in parentheses):

1: Would you create this as one table for estimates/lineitems (ease of development)? A bunch of separate tables for each landscape type, such as Lawns, Trees, and Shrubs (more speed)? Or a bunch of tables for each possible job, such as Mowing, Lawn fertilization, and Tree Pruning (more speed, but harder to maintain)?

2: With this many calculations, would you use calc fields (easier to see results, and cannot be easily modified)? Or would you use scripts to perform the calculations and set the fields (file size, and speed)?


Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!