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Scrolling a long value list - PC vs. Mac

Question asked by rejyna on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by user19752

FileMaker 14.0.4 - Windows 7 Enterprise - V6.1 SP1


When we have a long list of field values to choose from in a drop-down list, we have to manually click on the little arrow to advance down the list. The scroll wheel does not work and it is frustrating our users. 


We have been told by the original programmer that we cannot add a scroll bar nor auto-complete function because this particular list is not pulling from a stored value list but is a list created by query.  In other words, our users are creating a WO record and have to choose which coordinator to assign it to. 


On a MAC I am able to use the scroll wheel to navigate down the list, but on the PCs in the office the scroll wheel doesn't work.


I hope I am explaining this clearly -


Is there a reason the scroll wheel is not working? 
Has anyone heard of a solution (other than trading all the PCs in for MACs)?


Thanks for any assistance!