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Total Record Indicator Is Wrong

Question asked by briancrockett on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by FileKraft

Our accounting manager approached me this morning. She told me her and her assistant where getting different values for the total number of records from the indicator in the toolbar.


I logged in to the same hosted file and got yet a different number.  Then I went to her desk and she did a find and got a found set of 2042 records out of a total of 2030. (Mind Blown) Her found set was bigger than the total number of records.


I had her quit FileMaker and log back in and now it appears to be the right number of records.


I did a recover on one of this mornings backups and it didn't find any problems.


This is FM 14 on  Mac OS.


She's concerned as she generates stats out of this file and now she doesn't trust the results.


Anyone else see this problem?