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    Split Screen - making compilation lists


      I have a database of 4400 videos. (no video, just the "metadata" - names, lengths, description, filenames.....)  I want to make meta data compilations of videos.  This information will be exported and uploaded to a website eventually.


      The solution -- I think:

      A triple split screen with the a list of compilations on the left, the films included in a specific list in the middle, and a full list of all the videos on the right.  From here you could create a new compilation (or edit an old one) and search all the films and add them to the compilation.  I am guessing the solution is tables and then maybe the portal tool?


      Bottom line, this is above what I understand in FMP and can do quickly.  I am using FMP13.  Any tutorials or someone want to train me for pay?  After 2-3 hours of training, I think I can handle this, but am open to it all.




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          You are on the right track. A table for the video records and one or more tables to manage the compilations. If you might put the same video record in more than one compilation, you'll want two more tables. If you only put a video in one and only one compilation, you only need  the one table instead of two more.


          Assuming that a video can be in more than one compilation...



          Video::__pkVideoID = Video_Compilation::_fkVideoID

          Compilations::__pkCompilationID = Video_Compilation::_fkCompilationID


          Building a compilation would be a case of creating a new record in Compilation followed by creating a series of records in Video_Compilation that each link a specific video to the newly created compilation.