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    Related tables


      Hi there,

      I have two related tables. The 2nd table has two fields: name and name_id. The 1st table has a field called idfk and it is related to the 2nd via the name_id field. I use popover to display information from the first table and the name field from the second table. The problem is when I change idfk field and expected to see different name according to idfk value, but the field that holds the name still keeps the old value, it seems that it has not refreshed directly. Is there any way to refresh the related tables?


      thanks in advance.




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          It should refresh as you describe, picking or entering a different Name ID should cause the name field from the related table to update and show the name from the newly matching record. If you click a blank area of the popover to commit records and yet keep the popover open, do you see the name update?

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            Hi Philmodjunk,

            Many thanks for your reply, I have tried what you've suggested and no changes. The problem that it does not change directly. I have to go to another record and come back to see the difference.


            Kind regards.



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              That suggests that there is more involved here than you have described thus far or it would update. I suspect that there are other details with your relationship and/or your layout design invovled.