Paused script "Cancel" button is missing in (sometimes)

Discussion created by DSKatSCL on Oct 4, 2016
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Product and version
Client = FileMaker Pro Advanced, Server =


OS and version Windows 7 Enterprise SP 1 64 bit


Hardware  32 MB RAM



Description  An intermittent issue with Pause Script Indefinitely.  On the screen when this step is executed, the “Cancel” button does not appear all the time.  99.9% of the time, I don't need to cancel the script at this step, however occasionally I do need to cancel it if there was an issue with a report that was generated.



How to replicate When using the new version, I have one script, that if I run the entire script, the “Cancel” button is missing.  I have truncated the script to eliminate a bunch of data import and cleanup steps, but when I run this shorter script, or a new script that just moves to a different layout and pauses, the “Cancel” button seems to appear every time.  If I go back to the previous versions 15 and 14 of FMPA, the “Cancel” button appears even when running the entire script.



Workaround Roll back to FMPA or open the script debugger tool and stop the script.