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Can't get Server Side Scheduled Script to work

Question asked by carlsson on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by 34South

I am in the middle of creating some scheduled scripts that I want to run on our FM Server. Basically the scripts check for new files in a folder, process them and moves them accordingly.

It works perfect with a Filemaker Client that is installed on the server.

I have removed all script steps that are not compatible with running on the server.

I am using the BaseElement plugin and have activated that on the server.


All I get is a 112 error.


So, I put this in the start of the script just to see if it THAT simple little thing will work:

Go to Layout [ Test ]

New Record

Set field [ System::Test; "Test from Server" ]

Exit Script


Still, the same error (I get emails that tells me the errors and there are no new records in the table).


This is the first time I'm trying to activate scheduled scripts on the server, what have I missed?


Since I am having a lot of problems with getting this Server Side Script to work I'm wondering; Is there any drawback from running a Filemaker Client on the same machine as the server?