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Mysterious Clients on Statistics

Question asked by submarine on Oct 6, 2016

I was looking at FMS 14 Statistics to investigate the notorious 'wheel of doom' issue on WebDirect. I spotted some mysterious clients on the statistics page and would like to seek help in interpreting the our stats readings.


1. Mysterious clients

Looking at the clients' stats, some mysterious clients are clocking long Elapsed Time (> 1m) with high Remote Calls (> 100). These clients appears in the form of (HostName)[], (HostName)[]{2195}, {83120/221} or {83120/0}, I am wondering whether these clients are slowing down the server and causing the 'wheel of doom' issue. Switching to Clients in Activity, these clients are non existence at all and there are no schedule script nor server-side script running at that time. Can anyone enlighten me about these mysterious clients?


2. Server stats

The Elapsed Time and Wait Time readings under the server stats look alarming. In peak, it can go beyond 1m. This page 'Solving Performance Emergencies with FileMaker Server' says that it could be a slow script or file corruption. Well, there are some slow scripts that I may need to investigate further, but no user has ever complained about file corruption.

Apart from this, could it be causing by slow network or anti-virus scanning? I attach the screenshots on the stats, can anyone tell whether they look okay?