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FileMaker Go doesn't commit changes for user

Question asked by addison on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by addison

I have four different users with the same custom privilege set who enter data using iPads. They each have an iPad assigned to them, so they use the same ones every day.


For one user, FileMaker is not saving his changes except upon what seems to be random occasions.


He walked me through the way he typically records data using the iPad. It did commit his changes, except for one field.


I have audit scripts that run on record load and record commit, and the audit does not show any data being entered and then deleted, so it appears as though the data isn't being committed at all.


The only difference between this user and the other three users (who have had no issues of this kind) is that his iPad is a slightly older model. Is it possible that this would have an effect on FileMaker Go?


Are there any suggestions for what I can test out to figure out what the problem is?


Thanks for any help!