Capture sales from seperate machines

Discussion created by tbcomputerguy on Oct 5, 2016
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Hello all, thanks for the help a while back with the tax issue.  Now the next problem. The invoicing solution has a server (Shared DB) and a client machine.  What we are trying to do is identify the transactions that occur on each machine.  What I have come up with is on each machine as the invoice is created, by the use of Get(PersistantId).  Because there are only two machines, I captured the ids and stored them in a table call machines.  Each time a record in the invoice is created the script captures the id and adds it to the invoice.  From here, i can sort by machine and do what I have to.  Problem is I feel there should be a better way like with globals that are recorded when we start up the program.  Now because I captured the ids, I added a field in the machine called terminal that is an edit field that we name the computer we are on. Then when an Invoice is created, the machine name can be stored as well for each invoice.