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Extra 'Body' outlines at bottom of page

Question asked by justinc on Oct 5, 2016
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Hey all, I'm having some issues with a layout.


We have a printed layout that has (approximately) 6 'Body' rows per page.  It has a sub-summary for groups of records.  There's a Header layout-part as well.  ( I have attached a screen shot and colored the elements for clarity: blue = header, pink = Sub-summary, green = body; red-line = body outlines.)

  Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 8.03.08 .png


This is supposed to be somewhat like a spreadsheet look, with outlines around each row and cell in the Body element.  (There are 3 'cells' in each row.)


However, at the bottom of the page there is a bit of extra space that gets filled in with the UI elements from the body, specifically the outlines.  So there appears to be this extra line across the top of the Footer element - which we don't want.


As a side note, there could be multiple sub-summary parts on a single page, I just gave the 6-rows example as the most that would fit on a page with a single sub-summary.


If I format the Body with no bottom-border, then at the end of the sub-summary part (and at the top of the next SS) there is no line at the bottom of the last row for that SS part.


Any suggestions?