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Question asked by trainsguy on Oct 5, 2016
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"ALERT Copy" is a Calculation Field with a Text Result.
"Status" is a Text Field.
"SeasonStart" is a Date Field.
"LagTime" is a Number Field.
"LWEpisode" is a Number Field.
"Frequency" is a Number Field.
"DayAdjust" is a Number Field.


"NextAvailable" is a Calculation Field with a Date Result as follows.....

If ( ALERT Copy = "D" or Status = "Cancelled" or Status = "NEW" or Status = "PAUSED" ; "" ; SeasonStart + LagTime + (LWEpisode * Frequency) + DayAdjust )


This formula worked fine in FM Pro 4.0 which I had been using for all my database needs up until a couple months ago when I decided I wanted to update for more internet flexibility, and I started using FM Pro 11.0 Advanced.  Contrary to popular opinion, the dinosaur versions work just fine in Windows 7.  In fact, 4.0 still works just perfect in Windows 10.  But I digress.


Now, I can't get the default value of "SeasonStart + LagTime + (LWEpisode * Frequency) + DayAdjust" to display when the previous conditions are false.  Instead I get the dreaded "?".


If I create a test field with just the "SeasonStart + LagTime + (LWEpisode * Frequency) + DayAdjust" formula, the expected value displays fine.  It's only when it appears as the default value in "NextAvailable" that I get the "?" when the previous conditions are false.


A typical computation would be.....

Season Start = 10/01/2016
LagTime = 7
LWEpisode = 3
Frequency = 7
DayAdjust = 4

10/01/2016 + 7 + 21 + 4 = 11/02/2016


And as I said, in FM Pro 4.0, that's what I would have received if the previous 4 conditions were false.  Now, in FM Pro 11 Advanced, I get a "?".


I feel like a total idiot asking this because there is no reason I shouldn't already know the answer, but can someone help me out with either something that is so simple I can't see it, or some idiosyncrasy which now exists in the newer versions.  Or maybe there was somethig wrong in FM Pro 4.0 that let me get away with something I shouldn't have been able to do.


In any case, I'd appreciate anyone's help or suggestion.