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Auto Enter Lookup issue with FMS

Question asked by bwoods on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by carojo

I am using FM to develop an application for project costing.   The test environment is using FMS 15 running on IMAC with users having FMP 15 & FM go.  I have a problem where one of the auto enter lookup fields does not update when a client changes the key field, or creates a new record with a script that populates the key field.   This only occurs in one of the tables, there is another similarly configured table and this works fine.  The only difference I can see between the two tables is the one that works uses a primary table for the relationship and looked up field, and the one that does not work uses a copy of a primary table for the relationship and looked up field.   What is perplexing is that if I use the client (FMP Adv 14) on the IMAC server both tables update correctly, no problems.   If I download the application from the server and run it on a FMP client as standalone, it works fine. It is only when I use the client over the network that the problem occurs.   If I go to table view on the remote client and manually change the key field in the problem table the lookup field does not update, I also  checked the key field has the correct data in it for the relationship to work correctly.  If I do the same test which the client on the server machine the lookup field updates as it should, same result if do the test on a client with the downloaded application.


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