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      I have four separate tables:


      Exercises (Ex1, Ex2, Ex3)





      On the main layout I want a portal with two fields:


      Field1 showing a list with Ex1, Ex2, Ex3 that you can choose from (from Exercises Table)

      Field2 where you can enter values that the goes into the corresponding table (Ex1Value, Ex2Value ...)


      How can this be done?

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          Johan Hedman

          You need to build a Relationship to other tables to be able to have portals. After that is done create a portal on your layout.


          If you want to enter information based on a related field, use Value Lists for that. Create a new value list and choice to base it on the table where you have that information and on specific field.


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            When I create the portal, it seems that it can be based on only one table? Also, it seems that you cannot make a value list directly from a table?

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              Johan Hedman

              Each portal can only be based on one table, that is correct.


              This is how you setup a Value List to be based on one table´s field

              Skärmavbild 2016-10-06 kl. 15.55.06.png

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                Why did you set up a separate table for each exercise?


                At first glance, on on very little info, it seems the wrong approach. I'd try to use one table to store all of your exercise data with a field that identifies the type of exercise as a way to distinguish one category of values from another.


                But if you really want the structure shown, you might set up a pair of global fields for your data entry with a button. After entering and selecting data in the global fields, the script transfers the data into a new record of the appropriate table. You'd then need a relationship like this:


                LayoutTableOccurrence----<Exercises----<ExcerciseDetail1, ----<ExerciseDetail2, and so forth


                A portal to Exercises can include fields from all of the related Exercise detail tables. Your script would first create an Exercise record and then a linked detail record. But this all seems needlessly complex.

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                  Phil, you may be right. The first version of this project is made with a "flat" structure, one table only. One portal, two fields, Field1 with a Value List of Exercises, Field2 where I simply enter the corresponding value.

                  It works fine, but there is one thing: Conditional Formatting seems to analyze on all values, and does not take individual Exercises into account. E.g. Ex1 = 45 and Ex2 = 90. If I enter 50, it is not highlighted. Perhaps you can script your way around this?

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                    I can't tell what problem you are having with conditional formatting from the info given. It is highly unlikely that I would use separate tables to solve a conditional format issue.


                    I can point out that it's possible to set up multiple format expressions on the same field and each can check the type of exercise as part of the logic that determines whether or not to apply the format.