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      Hello, I am in IT and have had a user ask me about FileMaker which I had never heard of until now? Will FileMaker work in Windows? The problem is the user cannot access the data using this view:

      Filemaker Lost View001.jpg

      Here is an example of the data in FileMaker:

      Filemaker SpreadsheetData002.jpg

      And the files we currently have:

      Filemaker files003.jpg

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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          FileMaker has been completely cross-platform since the 80's, so platform has nothing to do with your data access issue.


          I would suggest posting in a more relevant forum, such as Discussions  , where you'll have the eyes and ideas of many, many FileMaker developers and users who can help you.

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            As hschlossberg suggested, you should receive more views and advice in the Discussions section rather than the FileMaker Community Feedback, which is specifically for input and issues about the Community Site. I will move this thread to Discussions for you.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              You'll need to tell us more.


              Is this something that is working for Mac users and not Windows users?


              You post two images of two layouts taken while in Browse mode and from two different copies of your file--judging by the window names. Are they based on the same data source table? Do they reference the same table occurrence to get to that data source table?


              Do you see the same things if you open the same file instead of two different files?


              The first image shows that you are on record 5 in a found set of 6 record out of a total of 3000+ records. What do you see if you bring up a different record, especially after selecting "show all records" and then dragging the "slider" under the "book" to see other records?

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                phil is correct. there are TWO files and two different # of records in each file (by screen shot)


                In addition to the rest of the advice, you may need to request assistance from a developer near you (or a screen share with someone remote).



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                  Hi Howard, is there a way I can send this to Discussions or do I need to create another one in Discussions, which I thought this was? Thank you.

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                    TSPigeon moved it for you.

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                      Hi Philmodjunk, I just have one user that is using Windows 7. Can you tell me how I can test to see if our current database (above) can be accessed with the GUI (above)? IU will try the Show All Records when I can get on the machine. Thank you.

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                        FileMaker may or may not have a separate GUI file. FileMaker can be "all in one", separated into GUI and Data files or be some kind  of "hybrid" mix of the two.


                        What do you find in Manage | Database | Tables? Do you see a lot of tables or nothing? If you switch over to the relationship tab, do you find Table Occurrence boxes with names in italics? Italicized names indicate that the data is coming from another file and thus your file might be functioning as a GUI file. If you hover the mouse over the arrow in the upper left corner of a table occurrence box, you'll get a tool tip popping up that names the file and data source table referenced by that Table Occurrence.

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                          Thank you!

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                            My status is that I'm waiting for time on the computer to get answers to philmodjunk's questions above.

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                              I solved my users problem today in the following manner:


                              1. 1. Copied the database that had the view user wanted.
                              2. 2. Deleted all the records in this database.
                              3. 3. Imported the records from the database with the current records.


                              I did not find out how to bring the General View into one of the files with the good data. However, this issue can be closed Thanks everyone!




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                                What do you mean by "general view"? If you mean the second image in your first post, that is called a "table view" and you can select it by clicking the table view icon in the status area of a given layout. You can then use the Modify button to control what columns (fields) are included in that view.

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                                  How do you close one of these questions?

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                                    You can't. Interested parties can continue to post them whenever they choose. If you posted your discussion as a "question", you can pick one of the responses and mark it as "correct answer" and that will make it appear as "answered" in the list. That may direct interest away from the discussion a bit, but people can still post replies if they choose.


                                    I frequently see posts several years old popping back up to the top of the list. That can be good, funny or sometimes causes confusion should the older posts be "out of date" due to product upgrades released since the thread was started.

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