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    Using data from two recurring import tables




      I have two tables (Engineering and Consultants) that I want to use data from (see attached). Everything is working on the Engineering table, but I am having difficulty with how to include the Consultant's table. 


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          Your Tiff file isn't displaying in my browser. You might try Jpegs or PNG images as they seem to work better in this forum. I was, however, able to download and open the image.


          What is keeping you from linking the two ListEngineering48 fields in a relationship?


          That would seem to link one record in Engineering to many Records in Consulting.


          A portal to consultants could then be placed on the Engineering layout in order to list all consultants linked to that Engineering record.


          The possible issue that I can imagine here is that you may actually have a many to many relationship where many consultants can link to one Engineering record and many Engineering Records can link to the same Consultant record.


          If that's the problem, then you need to create use a join table that links the two tables in a Many to Many relationship.

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            Thank you for the response.  I have various floorpans showing cubicles (numbered) which are occupied by Engineers and Consultants. The Engineering and Consultants tables (filemaker tables) are set up as recurring imports, and can not be modified. I want to view personnel information about the employees, and also connect them to a cubicle number.   Often we will have personnel from other departments working closely with Engineering, so eventually I would like to add additional employee lists with recurring imports to tables to the seating list.


            Here is the ERD saved as a jpeg



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              It sounds like you need a personnel table that combines the personnel table from both imports as well as possibly data from other sources since you have engineers, consultants and "personnel from other departments".


              That combined table should allow you to do what you want.


              You can use an additional import to pull the data from these two tables in to such a personnel table where you can also have personnel records for your "other" personnel.