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    Setting up appointment alerts for a medical practice?




      I am currently working on a database of patients and would like to set up an alert system that notifies us to call patients either 6 months or 12 months after a surgery date.


      For example, if I input into Procedure Date "10/06/2016", I would want to receive an alert on 04/06/2016 to call the patient for a 6-month follow-up appointment.


      Is there anyone with experience creating this kind of alert system? My guess is that a script of some sort would be needed. I'm a beginner when it comes to Filemaker, so any advice would be appreciated.


      Two conceptual designs that I have thought of are:

                     1) Exclamatory icons that appear next to a patient's name when it is time for their 6 month/12 month follow-up

                     2) Pop-up window when you open the database that gives a list of patients that need to be notified for their follow-up

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          How about an email produced once a day, or once a week listing all patients that need to be notified?


          Your approach requires that someone actually review a list on the screen and spot those that have a visual alert next to their name.


          You can set up  a calculation date field such as:


          If ( Not IsEmpty ( FollowUp ) and Not Notified ;

                 Date ( Day ( apptdate ) ; Month ( Apptdate ) + FollowUp ; Year ( apptDate ) ) )


          Then a script can, on a regular schedule, perform a finds specifying criteria in this field to find patients that need to be notified and you can set the Notified field to 1 or True to clear this field to indicate that they have been notified. FollowUp would be either empty, 6 or 12 in order to calculate no follow up, a 6 months follow up or a 12 months follow up

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            This is a fantastic solution, I appreciate it.


            After the script is created based on the fields in question, what would be the best way to setup my database to get an email sent to me?

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              You'll need to figure out how many days "lead time" you need.


              If the Followup date is 10/20/16, do you want to be notified 5 days prior? 10? or ???



              For this example, I'll pick 7 days, but you can insert any figure that works for your "business rules" in place of that value:


              Set up a script that performs a find on that field to find all records with a date 7 days from today through today.


              Enter Find Mode[] ---> no pause, no stored criteria

              Set Field [Appts::FollowUpdate ; Get ( CurrentDate ) - 7 & "..." & Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

              Set Error capture [on]

              Perform Find []

              If [ Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 // records were found for patients needing notification ]
                 Send Mail [   ]
              End If


              At first, run the script manually without send mail--to pull up the list of appointments with upcoming follow up appoints where you have not yet marked them as "notified". Once you are satisfied with the results you can auto-mate the process. A server scheduled script could run each night for example.


              And you can then see about how best to pull the needed info into an email to send out. A "list of" summary field can list data from all records in a found set and you can use it to pull that data into the body of your email, or you can save a PDF of your layout and email it as an attachment.