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    Conditional drop-down menu?




      I am currently working on a patient database that lists different procedures. Ideally, I would like to be able to have a drop-down menu that, depending on which item you click on, conditionally formats the next drop-down menu with subterms that relate to what was selected.


      For example, if I selected "Breast Implants" from the first drop-down menu box, I would like the drop-down menu in the second box to contain a list of breast implant materials. The contents of the second drop-down box would depend on what is selected in the first drop-down box.


      I am a beginner when it comes to Filemaker, so any advice is appreciated!

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          If you set up a table of values to use for the second value list, you can set up the standard FileMaker conditional value list.


          The table would have at least two fields, Procedures and Materials such as:

          Procedure             | Material

          Breast Implants     | First Material

          Breast Implants     | 2nd Material

          and so forth


          Then you need a relationship:

          LayoutTableOccurrence::Procedure = Materials::Procedure


          Where "layoutTableOccurrence" is the name of the table occurrence on which you base your layout, or possibly a portal and "Materials" is the above table.


          You can then set up a use values from field value list listing values from the Material Field in Materials and select the "Include only related values, starting from LayoutTableOccurrence" to use as your conditional value list on a materials field in the LayoutTable.


          There are actually a number of different ways to set up a conditional value list and there are a number of alternative value selection techniques that can go beyond what can be done with a conditional value list.


          Here's a demo file of different Conditional Value Lists. Each one is documented in great detail to explain how it is set up and how it works.


          Adventures In FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists


          In that file, you'll find a link to Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection that demonstrates methods for selecting values in ways not possible with a simple value list.

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            Thank you!