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    Help please


      I have two tables, Student and Mark. The mark table contains the student marks in 8 different subjects and for 3 seasons. Each student has 8 subjects marks. in other words, each record in the Student table has 8 related records in Mark table. I have tried to make a layout to show the students marks in each subject separately but I failed .

      I would greatly appreciate it if anyone kindly give me some feedback.


      thanks in advance.

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          Presumably, you have a field in the related marks table that identifies the subject.


          Either a portal with a portal filter can limit the related records to those for a specified subject or you can add a relationship that uses a second pair of match fields to match to only records for a given subject and student.


          You can also set up list view reports on layouts based on your Marks table that includes data from students. Thus, you could set up this type of report:



            Johnny       100

            Jimmy          98

            Joan             98



             Joan         100

          johnny           85

          Jimmy           78

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            David Moyer


            this will be a terribly redundant solution, but ...

            you could have eight portals on your layout, each filtered to show specific Subjects, per student record.  I guess each of the eight portals would show up to three rows, for three seasons.

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              Thanks a lot for your reply. I am going to apply this.

              Kind regards.

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                I have tried portal with portal filter, the problem now it shows only the mark, of a subject, of the current record in the Student table. which is should to show all mark of the current subject. The other problem, I cannot use the main table, the Student in portal because it disabled.



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                  Then perhaps the last suggestion that I made would be simpler to set up. Make a list view layout based on Marks and use it to list your marks as there, you can find and sort on subject.


                  What you describe is exactly what I understood you to want. If you want to see all marks from all students for a given subject, you'd need a relationship or filtered portal that does not use the student ID. A cartesian join used with a portal that filters by Subject is one such example.


                  Note that I'm describing two very different options here.

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                    Many thanks dear philmfdjunk for your help.