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Uncontrolled opening of systems in FMGo (15)

Question asked by andypieman on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by andypieman

I have quite a complex system running on FM Go 15. It uses local and server files, and works fine when I open from clean. If I launch the "opener file" it self logs on, then opens the correct files in the order they need to open using this single logon. The problem I have is if the system opens after hibernation or closure of the system. FM then often tries to re-logon to files without this single sign getting passed, prompting the user for passwords they never knew. Also it often tries to open files that weren't open at the time of closure. It involves the user cancelling out of any attempts to reopen 'current files' or password prompts, before opening the main file to restart the system correctly


Is there a way to control this behaviour? When opening FM to close all 'open files' and then just open the file I need. This isn't a "File Options", run on First Window Open issue, as I want this to happen before a file is opened. It's a FM Go preference level problem.