FMS, multiple databases, opener files and the Launch Center

Discussion created by wendy on Oct 7, 2016
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Good day everyone. We will be moving from Filemaker 13 to 14 or possibly 15. I have an inherited legacy database with 20+ separate files and close to 30 users (PC and Mac) and FMS on a Mac. Right now we have 5 different opener files distributed to users that open the correct remote file for them (and run the "Open File" script in the remote file to get them to the intended layout).


This has worked relatively well, except every so often I.T. will upgrade/replace someone's PC and will inevitably install Filemaker but leave them without the appropriate opener file, and I get the "I can't get to the database" call (despite that opener files are available in a public network folder for download).


I am wondering if the Launch Center might help. However, I do not want users to see all hosted files or be able to customize the Launch Center, and as far as I can tell, there is really no way to set up the Launch Center for each user and then "lock it down"--especially as I don't want to have to visit each user/computer and set it up.


Will I need to continue the use of an opener file on the desktop/dock for each user to keep them out of trouble, and if so, how do I prevent the Launch Center from ...launching when Filemaker starts?


Right now I feel like the Launch Center addressed a problem that didn't exist for many of us, with no way to disable it.