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    Set Variable not returning a value when the script is run by PHP?




      Maybe I am seeing clowns on the corners, or something else entirely, but I am rather confused by the following scenario:


      A script runs properly from FM Pro and even if run as a PSOS.


      When I use PHP to kick off a script, sometimes strange things happen, and it always appears originate with a Set Variable step.


      Consider this example:


      Set Variable [ $nonGPImedList ; Value:

           Let (


                   sql = "SELECT DISTINCT (\"dispensedProduct.productName\") FROM rxFillList WHERE globalPatientID = ? AND GPI_GROUP_CODE ='00' AND GPI_CLASS_CODE='00' AND GPI_SUBCLASS_CODE = '00' AND GPI_NAME_CODE = '00' "    



                 ExecuteSQL (sql ; "" ; "" ; $patientID)



      The logged value is REAL (zero or more) when run in FM Pro


      When run from the following PHP code:



      error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

      //ini_set('display_errors', '1');


      define('fm_host', '***.***.***');

      define('fm_file', 'myDBFile');

      define('fm_user', '********');

      define('fm_pass', '********');

      $layout_name = 'myLayout';


      require ('FileMaker.php');


      $param = file_get_contents('php://input');



      $fm = new FileMaker(fm_file, fm_host, fm_user, fm_pass);

      $script = $fm->newperformscriptcommand('myLayout' , 'manageProfile (globalPatientID)' , $param );

      $result = $script->execute();



      The logged result is ?


      Any idea what is happening? Has anyone else observed this?