Relationship based on Unstored Calc. Field

Discussion created by ChristofferRexen_1 on Oct 7, 2016
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Hello everyone


So, i'm having a bit of trouble cracking this nut.

FM14 Advanced



I have two tables "Company" & "Policy InPower", related thus Company--<Policy InPower.


Company has a calculated field called _kcld_isToday__lcd which holds "Host Current Time Stamp"(Unstored ofc.)


Now from the Company table, I would like to create a Portal which shows all records from "Policy InPower" based on the following relationship criteria:


- Company::_kp_CompanyID = Policy InPower::_kf_CompanyID

- Company::_kcld_isToday ≥ Policy InPower::DateBegin (The Policy Start Date)

- Company::_kcld_isToday ≤ Policy InPower::DateEnd (The Policy End Date)


Now, it works!

- But I can't search in the newly created Portal "Policy InPower" cause the relationship is based on an Unstored field.


So, how do I bypass this problem, so I can search the portal and still retain the Unstored/Selfupdating field _kcld_isToday__lcd ("Host Current Time Stamp")


Any help would be much appreciated!