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    It's a simple if. So what's wrong with my logic?


      I've been chasing my tail trying to get the syntax right on a simple conditional statement that's one of a string of concatenated tests within a calculation field, and it's just not working.


      Here it is:


      If  (  PatternCount ( Group  ; "US"  )  and


      (  Country_name   ≠ "United States Of America"  or  Country_name   ≠ "Puerto Rico"  )  ;


      "Living abroad;"  )


      The field insists on returning the true case "Living abroad;" for instances where the statement is false, i.e., the group contains US and the country name is equal to either of these countries.


      I've tried stating it as a Case function and every other imaginable permutation, and still the same result.  I can only get it to work by testing for USA or PR and eliminating the "or" operator entirely, but of course that does me no good.  I feel stupid!


      -- Andrew