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Save Schedules and Groups  FM14 Server error

Question asked by jdevans on Oct 7, 2016
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I'm following the FMS15 Guide to upgrade our FMS14 server to 15. Step 1 fails.


Step one reads:

Step 1. Save your schedules and administrator groups

You can save the settings for your schedules and administrator groups that are configured in the

current installation.

1. Start FileMaker Server Admin Console.

2. Choose Server menu > Save Schedules and Groups. By default, the file is saved in your web

browser’s download folder.


Keep in mind, I'm accessing the Admin Console via Internet Explorer remotely. So when I do the above action, a new tab opens and this is what is displayed:


When I go to the downloads folder, nothing is there.


In the address bar of the new tab that opens, there is a certificate error


What do I do now?