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Discussion created by ProgramDesign on Oct 7, 2016
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In a FileMaker Portal, where more records are displayed than fit in the portal area, there is some scrollbar issues.


  • Commit Records - resets the scroll position to TOP.
  • Go to Field [] - also resets the scroll position in the layout.
  • Go to Portal Row, moves scroll position to show selected portal row in bottom of portal, even when the the actual portal row is currently shown in portal. I.E Portal shows, records 20...30. Go to Portal Row 25, moves scroll position to show 15...25, here the change of scroll position is not necessary and brings about confusion to the user.
  • Request functionality:  function to get current scroll position, and set scroll position without change of active portal row.



The issues are important when operating on portal containing many records. Scripting functions on portal rows has a tendency to reset the scroll position so the user has to scroll down and find back where he/she was several times during a series of edit/change in portal data.


I have made a partially workaround using a custom function I have developed, but the problem is not satisfactory solved.


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