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    Doing a find in an isolated portion of a layout


      I'm creating a "desktop/dashboard" with 4 zones (task zone, viewer zone, references zone, meta and contextual tools zone) kind of layout where using profusely tabs or accordions I can give access to a lot of information from one layout and display it in a "viewer" area. Most of the tab groups display data from a TO have a find tab for searching certain records within that TO. Ex: tab group broadcasters, tab group complainants, tab group broadcast. tab group programs. These small tabs group widgets are used to search their respective TO to find, associate with and display essential attributes related to the task the user is working on and if needed an expansion button can display an exhaustive record in the viewer, or a form to create a new record for that attribute TO.


      I want to be able to do a find but only in the search tab of a tab group without loosing the display of information on the remainder of the layout. In other words, I want to be in find mode in the tab and in browse mode in the rest of the layout displayed. Is that possible?

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          Not possible and much of what you describe about your tabs does not seem possible either--though that may be missing details not found in your post.


          An entire layout is based on exactly one TO. The only case where you can base another layout object on a different TO  is in a portal--and that's the one layout object that you don't mention here.


          I have no idea what you mean by "accordion" here.


          That's not to say that you can't get the results that you want, just not by the methods that you describe.


          Scripts, relationships, portals, portal filters, Popovers and ExecuteSQL can all query the database without specifically performing a find on the current layout or by performing any "find" at all. So there are options available to you.