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    List Layout Auto Vertical Resize


      Im throwing a Hail Mary and really not expecting much from it considering how much ive scoured the net trying to find and answer.


      So I'm aware that "Resize to Fit" will will correctly adjust the width but span vertically the length of the screen regardless of content in List View. Is there any way to automatically resize the height of the window based on content within List View?


      Thank you!

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          I'd say that there's no 'out of the box' way of doing it, but you could resize the window based on a calculation of how many records there are in the list view.


          for example if your window is 300 high with no records, and each record adds 10. Open a new window with size 300 + 10 * number of records. The height of a new window, or the height of an adjusted window can be a calculation.

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            I've used the method andy has describe successfully in a number of list view windows. You have to do some careful calculating and double checking, but it can be made to work if you allow for all the possible variations. The preferences file "enlarge window contents to improve readability" setting can add to the challenge, for example. Plus mac and windows platforms are not the same and I've found differences when moving to a new Filemaker version.

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              All good points that need considering with such a solution. As soon as we start custom developing solutions rather than using out of the box, which in this case doesn't exist, these kind of problems can occur. Platform differences, screen resolution, version upgrade, feature depreciation, theme changes, etc. All part of the varied tapestry that is FM development.