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    Layout/window only to show size of other windows?


      Okay so this is more assistance tool if possible.


      Is it possible to create a layout that will remain open that would only include the calculations "Get(WindowHeight), Get(WindowLeft), Get(WindowTop)" and would show the stats of other active windows and refresh based on the active window?




      The tool lets call.. Window Sizes

      Window sizes would remain open on the side of the screen and have those 3 fields in the layout visible.

      Now If I open another window, Window Sizes, would reflect the Left, Top, and Height of that window.

      Is something like this possible?



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          Just using globals?






          These variable set on opening a new window/selecting windows?

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            And you can use the OnWindowOpen trigger (see File | File Options) to run a script that updates such a set of global variables with the window data. but note that "opening another window" might be opening a window in the same file or opening it in a different file. In the latter case, keep in mind that a given set of global variables only exist in the context of the file where they were created so there may be cases, if you have multiple files, where you need to pass the window data as a script parameter to the file from which you opened your "window data" window.


            I've often approximated this sort of thing by creating a watch expression in the data viewer. something like:


            List ( Get (WindowTop ) ; Get ( WindowHeight ) ; Get ( WindowLeft ) ....)


            This let me see the current location and dimensions of whichever window currently had the focus.