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    Popovers listed in a portal


      I have a portal to a table that lists various 'tools'. The portal has the arrangement of a popover button, under a tool_name field under an invsible button. The button triggers the popover to open. This allows me to have a different set of fields/ layout for the very different tools AND the portal allows a long list and filtering.


      Problem: To make this work I have to put the popover buttons on top of each other in the top of the portal. Once I have several, it becomes difficult to either test new popovers and then re-align the popovers, field and button ready for use. Is there a better way of achieving my aim?

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          Johan Hedman

          The Button for your popover could be just a pixel or very wide, but you do not have to click on the actual button to get it to open. Instead use Go to object and name one object on each of your Popover differently and use that Object name to end up on different Popovers.


          For developer purpose make each button like 20x20 px wide and it will be enough for you to click on

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            Thanks and yes, I was using a Go to object. I could certainly make me popover buttons smaller. The problem is that I'm got to reach the stage where space demands that I make the buttons too small to see their label. Putting their name into tooltip will help a little.

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              David Moyer


              mostly out of curiosity, will you post a clip of your portal in Layout mode?  Thanks.

              (I have spent very little time with popover buttons.)

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                The screenshot shows part of the portal. In the top row you can see 3 overlapping popover buttons. I'll probably, as suggested, make them smaller but I'll add tooltip's to make them more easily identifiable when doing a single click onto them. Below the top row is the 1 field I need to ID the record. Above and to the right you can just see a button/script symbol that will Go to object/get scriptparameter to open the appropriate popover. This button is invisible and on top of the field which is on top of the popovers (hiding them). So each time you add another field record/popover, you do have to disassemble/ re-assemble. Bit of a pain, but the set up does work and look neat in action.

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                  Try this:


                  Make one popover instead of multiple popovers. Inside the popover panel, place a slide control. Take the fields and other layout objects that you have previously put inside different popovers and put each set into a different slide control panel. Give each panel an object name.


                  Then, to open the popover to different sets of fields and other objects, use go to object, but specify the object name of the panel to both open the popover and bring the correct slide control panel into view.

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                    Philmodjunk, that is clever! True, you do have to have a popover big enough for the largest 'tool' that is oversize for smaller tools, but it is much easier to maintain and expand.


                    For users interested, the invisible button on top of the 'ToolField' simply has a 'Go to object (Object name: Get(ScriptParameter)) where said parameter is the ToolTable::ToolField.