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Lock Fields based on another Field

Question asked by ilabbe on Oct 8, 2016
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I am working on a database for work and have run into a dilemma. Rather than creating and uploading PDFs so people cannot edit fields is rather ridiculous to me. I am using FMP Advance 14 & 15 to create and maintain the database.


My dilemma:

We are using a field to indicate if the form is a Draft, Pending, Active, and Archived. Is there a way I can set up so the fields are editable if it says Draft or Pending and non-editable for Active and Archived?


Through some of my readings you can use the IF statement. I am sure this is the only way but any help with the formula would be helpful.


Please do not hesitate to ask me questions, I am here to learn and figure this out so we do not need to use PDFs.