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Date Field Calculations

Question asked by dominicjoannou on Oct 9, 2016
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Hi All,


I have tried the suggestion below with:


If (IsEmpty (Date of Referral to Regulatory Body);  "";  (Date of Interim Sanction) - (Date of Referral to Regulatory Body)) or



  not IsEmpty(dateReferall) and not IsEmpty(dateFinal), dateFinal - dateReferral;

  not IsEmpty(dateReferall) and not IsEmpty(dateInterim); dateInterim - dateReferral;



I have tried:


Let command instead of Case(


I have also tried reclassifying the fields as already suggested.


Through the command line in blue, the field of Date of Referral to Regulatory Body is ignored.


However, a lot of people go directory onto their Final Sanction after referral. They do not have an Interim Sanction. This leaves the Interim Sanction field blank.


Where I have managed the suggestions in italics and reclassifying fields, it comes up with 0 and 1; which is useless to me, because I am trying to measure time.


I use Filemaker 13 Pro. Maybe I am asking too much from this package and the options are cleaning the data in either Excel or Stata.


Many thanks