FM Success Story: Stopping USPS (aka snail) Junk Mail

Discussion created by fmpdude on Oct 10, 2016
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Thought I'd post a major (personal app) FMP success story I had.


This last Summer, we realized were were being inundated with junk snail-mail, often 5 pieces a day. That's over 100 pieces of junk mail every month (many duplicate companies, over and over) that just ends up in landfills, wastes resources transporting, printing, etc.


So, I set up two new layouts (and several reports) in my homeowner's FMP database with lots of automation:


Layout 1. OptOut (about 200 unique companies)


This layout includes canned-but-editable letters, auto label printing, any number of contacts tracking, stamp cost tracking, statistical calculations of different time spans and more.


I also included dashboard graphics, two reports:

(1) Report junk mailers by frequency of mail

(2) Pie chart showing percentage of junk mail by junk category


Layout 2. Prohibitory Orders (about 20, or 10% of junk mailers seem to need these)


This layout is for when the OptOut request(s) didn't work. You ask a company a certain number of times to stop mailing you and they can't or refuse. The prohibitory order is a simple form you fill out with USPS. FileMaker made it quick and easy to calculate all the date offsets from the date of the order.

Added another nice report here too to show prohibitory orders "still in effect" (5 years from the date of order start).




The bottom line is I rarely use this FMP application anymore. Why? Well, since FMP enabled me to so completely track each contact, and manage this process so completely, we no longer get ANY junk mail.


Problem fixed.


Thanks FileMaker!